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Alumna on the Rise at Pasta Maker

Angelica Diodato SBC’14

Angelica Diodato SBC’14

By Dan Hanson

During a shift change at the Severino Pasta Company, white-smocked employees dart to and fro in a show of coordinated anarchy, but Angelica Diodato negotiates this bustling beehive with the deftness of one who has done it thousands of times. “My sister and I both started working here packaging pasta and doing some catering side jobs,” said Diodato SBC’14, who joined the company in her hometown of Westmont, New Jersey, when she was only 15. “I moved up to making pasta and then to the retail counter all through high school. I’ve had my hands in every aspect of the company. I even packed a few pallets in my day.”

Diodato continued to work for Severino Pasta while earning her marketing degree from the Rutgers School of Business–Camden. Now 26, she has risen in only four years after her graduation to be the company’s marketing and data director. Her role includes managing the company’s website and social media platforms, coordinating special events and sales promotions, crunching sales numbers, and serving as a liaison to restaurants. She has been coordinating the company’s national partnership with Whole Foods and working with the chain to sell Severino pasta through Amazon, which recently purchased Whole Foods—a major opportunity for the company that began as an artisanal pasta shop. “I’m thankful to the Severino family for everything they’ve taught me and the opportunities they’ve given me,” Diodato said. “Every day is exciting here, seeing it grow and reach its potential.”

Diodato, whose twin brother Francis also earned a marketing degree from Rutgers–Camden, has recruited interns from the School of Business–Camden and recently hired 2017 graduate Courtney Brill to the full-time position of customer vendor compliance administrator. Diodato is grateful to faculty who helped her develop her business skills, particularly Professor Carol Kaufman-Scarborough. “She taught me to set my goals and never give up,” Diodato said.

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