Responsibility Scholarships Support Learning

Jordan Parent SBC’18

What Jordan Parent SBC’18 needed her senior year was more time. Although she had numerous academic and internship opportunities related to her major in management, she kept a part-time job teaching kickboxing classes in order to ensure a steady income.

Thanks to the Hartmann Family Annual Responsibility Scholarship given by alumnus Jeff Hartmann SBC’84, president of the Hartmann Group, she was able to give up the work unrelated to her career plans and focus on a research/teaching assistant position, an internship, and participation as a student trainee at the Defense Logistics Agency, a division of the U.S. Department of Defense. “I was able to resign from the kickboxing studio to focus on my career path,” Parent said.

Jeff Hartmann SBC’84

The idea behind the School of Business–Camden Responsibility Scholarships, which are tracked by the school’s Student Experience Center, is to “buy back” a student’s time, allowing them to focus on their studies and participate in academic clubs and internships. “This allows a student to forgo having that part-time job and allows them to focus on the academics,” Hartmann said. “My wife, Marisa, and I wanted to be able to sponsor students to focus full time on the college experience.”

Parent, now a full-time contract specialist at the Defense Logistics Agency, said the scholarship certainly made a difference for her. “I will always be grateful for the chance to dive into the business world during my senior year,” she said.

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