Afghanistan War Vet Pens Memoir and Play

Mark Bodrog CCAS’08, GSC’16 served two tours of duty from 2010 to 2012 as a Marine Corps lieutenant during the war in Afghanistan. As he heard news reports that conflicted with what he saw, he decided to write a book about his platoon. “I realized this is part of history and I didn’t want to lose it,” Bodrog said.

He returned to New Jersey, where he completed and published Second Platoon: Call Sign Hades: A Memoir of the Marines of the Combined Action Company. Bodrog, who had earned a criminal justice degree before serving in Afghanistan, earned a master’s while serving as a captain in the Marine Reserve.

In 2018, he coauthored 22 A Day: A Tragedy in Three Acts. Bodrog was motivated to write the play after hearing frequent stories of veterans suicides. “We want to try to stop this epidemic of America’s finest from taking their lives,” Bodrog said.

Scheduled performances of the play at the Blue Moon Theatre in Woodstown, New Jersey, have been postponed due to the pandemic.

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