From Rutgers Law to Air Force JAG

Sally Stenton RLAW’90, who was working as investigator for the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office and serving in the National Guard in the late 1980s, didn’t consider applying to any law schools other than Rutgers Law School in Camden. “I could only afford to go in-state,” she said.

After earning her law degree in 1990, she went on to an accomplished 21-year-career with the Air Force, serving as a judge advocate general (JAG) and reaching the rank of lieutenant colonel. About half of her service was spent overseas, including a 2010–2011 tour in Afghanistan, where nine of her friends and fellow advisers were killed in an attack.

Stenton, who has taught as adjunct faculty for Rutgers Law, is an active member of the Veteran Alumni of Rutgers University. She continues to practice law, representing veterans who have been denied benefits by the VA, a cause near and dear to her heart. “We wouldn’t have our country if it weren’t for our veterans,” she said.

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