Scholarships Support Student-Veterans

It was an emotional moment when Melinda Kane read over a recent batch of applications from Rutgers–Camden student-veterans applying for the scholarship in her son’s name. “They were all remarkable,” she said. “Each one made me cry, because it reminded me so much of Jeremy.”

Her son, Jeremy, was a senior at Rutgers–Camden and a Marine Corps reservist when he was deployed to Afghanistan in November 2009. He was killed by a suicide bomber the following January. A scholarship for Rutgers–Camden student-veterans was named in his honor. Since its inception, 26 student-veterans have received the award. “As a mother, you want to feel like someone will remember your child,” said Kane, a Camden County freeholder who was inspired by her son’s service to get involved in civic life. “And Rutgers remembers Jeremy.”

In addition to the Veterans for Education and Jeremy Kane Endowed Scholarship, there are a number of scholarship programs available to Rutgers–Camden student-veterans. The Joshua Piccoli Memorial Scholarship is named for the Marine Corps veteran, 2014 Rutgers–Camden alumnus, and law student who worked in the campus Office of Veterans Affairs for six years until his death in 2016. Other scholarships include the Veterans Emergency Fund and the Rutgers–Camden Nursing Veterans Scholarship Fund.

Bill Spych CCAS’95, GSC’11, a Vietnam veteran who has supported all of the scholarships, has been a longtime supporter of the Rutgers–Camden student-veterans program. “When you come from the military back into civilian life, that transition is quite difficult,” Spych said. “That’s why the campus veterans office is critical.”

In addition, donors can set up their own funds. Greg Wade CCAS’70 and his wife, Donna CCAS’71, support a scholarship bearing their names. A donor who has asked to remain anonymous has committed $250,000 to fund scholarships for student-veterans.

To support veterans scholarship programs, visit For more information, contact Kate Brennan, senior director for development, at 856-225-6577 or katecb@camden.

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