Hope and Healing: School of Business Dean Monica Adya

Monica Adya, who began her tenure as dean of the Rutgers School of Business–Camden on March 30, arrived from her position at Marquette University two weeks after Rutgers went remote due to COVID-19.

She said the pandemic has been an unprecedented test for leaders of businesses and organizations. “The ongoing pandemic has caused us all to pivot in unanticipated ways. But it has also brought forth the positive character of individuals and institutions—from businesses that stepped up innovation and adapted their operations to meet the needs of our nation, to individuals who have put their own lives at the forefront to improve those of others. Positive, transparent, and empathetic leadership is more crucial now than ever before for creating and sustaining an empowered work culture that can adapt under any circumstance.”

She added, “When you look at this nation and the institution of Rutgers University, we have nearly a parallel 250-year history. Both have seen downturns through decades but have emerged more robust. Each time we have experienced challenges, we have learned that companies must rethink and revisit how things are done and we have found that innovations during these times grow. It’s important to keep in perspective that we will get past this pandemic and past this economic downturn, and to look forward strategically.”

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