Hope and Healing: School of Nursing Dean Donna Nickitas

“This is not the first time in this nation where we have confronted a crisis, and it certainly won’t be the last. We’ve been to war, and we have experienced illness and infectious diseases. I remember being a young girl and getting vaccinated with the polio vaccine. We’ve also gone through tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS, several different SARS viruses, and now the novel coronavirus. It’s important to remember that we should be hopeful. Americans have endured huge sacrifice and human suffering. It’s part of our fabric as a nation. Our nation has a lot of grit. Our Rutgers–Camden community has a lot of grit. We always get to the other side. This has been a difficult year, but it has made us stronger and more determined.”

—Donna Nickitas, dean, Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden and retired U.S. Air Force Reserve Corps major.

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