Hope and Healing: Student Priyal Shah

A first-year student, Priyal Shah this fall began pursuing her dream of becoming a physician by embarking on a course of study that will prepare her for medical school. “I’m excited about my future at Rutgers–Camden because there are so many opportunities that are offered and they are on so many different platforms,” she said.

Before she started her senior year of high school, she began volunteering with an EMS squad near her home in Edison, New Jersey. “I enjoyed the patient-care experience and helping patients in need,” said Shah, who was certified as an EMT. “It was really inspiring for me.”

Shah, who is double-majoring in biology and psychology in Rutgers University–Camden’s joint B.S./D.O. program, a seven-year track in partnership with the Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine, said she is committed to overcoming the challenges raised by the pandemic. “These are hard times. People are going through a lot of things. It’s hard to be in school at home by yourself. However, I think students like myself will overcome these challenges with the three Cs—collaboration, cooperation, and compassion. I collaborate with my peers online in order to make sure that we are all on the same page and understand the material and requirements for shared classes. With cooperation, I ensure that I am flexible and work with the instructor and my peers to achieve success. Showing compassion and allowing my peers and others to know that I am there for them through their difficulties will provide a united front and hope.”

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